Pre Skin Care Routine (rituals) for Bride to Be

18-03-2021 12:37:09 PM | Makeup

The day is almost here! The day you have always dreamt of as a little girl, and you want everything perfect from your wedding outfit to d�cor and other preparations! Amidst of all, you forget to take care of yourself specially your skin as well as your body. As a bride you need to make sure you glow well outside & equally inside too.

Down below are some important things a Bride to be must follow as Pre ritual;

  1. Maintain a day & night skin care routine: I know you have heard this number of times, but girls! It’s the exact skin food your skin craving for. Now I don’t mean the 11 step skin care routine, but just 3 step basic Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing (CTM) can do wonders to your skin. Also there are numerous home remedies available. Pen down your routine now!
  2. Stay Hydrated: Now, we have spent half of our lives listening to this, to drink gallons & gallons of water and rush to the loo. Buy can we take a moment for those ladies who follows this routine religiously and has a flawless ski, free from bloating and constipation. Water works real wonders for our system, fill your bottles and take everywhere you go and set reminders.
  3. Watch your Sleep Quality: To get the purpose out of a good skin care routine & staying hydrated a key to glowing skin is to watch out for your sleep hours. You definitely don’t want to wake up with those dark circles making you look dull on your wedding day. So switch off your phones & get that Beauty sleep on time.
  4. Get Regular Facials: This is a crucial step for every Bride to be out there. Facials help you in getting the blood circulation which is a necessary for your skin, Also it is best stress buster. Start pampering yourself now you all beauties.